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Build A Business That's Easier to Love

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Not for beginners.  
Not for experts.
For people working hard in the middle.

What does that mean?  

We serve the unique time in business when you don't need to learn the basics but you do need help to articulate what makes you unique, recognize your worth, and unlock your potential.

We find that most photographers who have been in business 3+ years and/or are experiencing any of the things below will benefit the most from our education.

Who loves us the most?
Professional Photographers who are
+ Ready for a restart
+ Seeking significant change
+ Feeling stuck
+ Feeling like there is "more" but not sure what it is.
+ Burnt out - need more time, more money, or both!
+ Excited to grow to meet big goals


Build a Business That Is Easier to Love

How do we do that?

+ Access to our growing library of video content and resources.

+ Monthly 60 minute video instruction with timestamped content and print transcript to make learning your way easy.

+ Follow-up mentor session, live and recorded for re-watch to review instruction, add additional context, and check for understanding.

+ Get the notes, the slide deck, and/or whatever outline I have on my iPad for each course.

+ Monthly "Ask Me Anything" - Live & Recorded Zoom.  Bring your business questions for on-the-spot question and answers.  A post-session timestamped video will be posted for our group.

+ Community with other photographers with similar goals, challenges, and mindsets.


Your Friend, Teresa

Get ready for a raw and unbiased look into the world of photography business.

Hey - I'm Teresa Porter, and often called "My Friend Teresa" - not just because that's the name of my portrait photography studio in Cary, NC: My Friend Teresa Studios where I photograph high school seniors, business headshots, branding images, and family portraits.  The funny name came about in the early days of my business when people would say "you should call my friend, Teresa".

The truth is, I've never met a stranger.  From my social work studies at Elon University to that one unforgettable night doing stand-up comedy at Charlie Goodnights in Raleigh (yup, its true) - I have always cared most about other people.

While working in educational technology at Duke University, I made photography my side hustle. That was 2010 and the starting point of what would become a thrilling adventure into portrait photography.  

This journey has been a mix of laughter, learning, and lots of photography.  Speaking at TEDx was a highlight, but what really gets me going is the chance to connect with people, both in front of my camera and in the photography community.  Since 2018, I've been hosting free monthly meetings to teach photography business.  

I believe we rise by lifting others, and there's room for all of us at the top to collaborate and create something truly special.  My approach to portrait photography? It's all about creating a stellar client experience. I'm proud to say my sales often hit the 5-figure mark, thanks to a sales process that's as gentle as it is effective. But what really warms my heart is the stream of referrals and repeat clients—it's a sign that I'm doing something right.  

Expect from me not just the nitty-gritty of running a successful photography business but also stories from my life, served with a side of humor. If you're looking for a blend of truth, love, and laughter, you're in the right place. Let's dive into the lighter side of life together, and I'll show you how to build a business—and a life—that you absolutely love.  

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