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Get ready for a great opportunity - launching in 2024.  Photography business education, mindset and mental health, and untethered Teresa Porter humor. Founding members hold the key to shaping our online education community as it grows. If you're  interested in joining us for this adventure, we'd love to add you to our email list!

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Solid Business Education

Dive into the world of photography business with us as we unravel the art of pricing, mastering marketing, and crafting an unparalleled client experience. Our courses go beyond the basics, equipping you with the skills and strategies to thrive in the industry.

Mindset & Mental Health

Untangle the mental knots that hinder success. Our community is a sanctuary of trust and encouragement, where you can cultivate the resilience and mindset needed to flourish in your photography career.

Teresa Un-Tethered

Get ready for a raw and untethered look into the world of photography through my personal stories and unique brand of humor. Delve into the lighter side of life as I deliver hard truths with a touch of love, sharing anecdotes that will leave you both informed and entertained.